The Flu Pack

allergy-18656_640Each late autumn and winter season, both children and adults endure flu symptoms: Chills, fever, nausea, body aches and fatigue. We are all familiar with the flu and its symptoms, and none of us wants to suffer from them. Additionally, flu can be a dangerous condition, especially for the person with a weakened immune system, those suffering from disease, the very young and the elderly; thus, the yearly promotion of the “flu shot”. However, at the clinic we prefer a safe and natural route to prevention of both colds and flu, the “Flu Pack”. The Flu Pack contains three natural supplements, each working to protect your body this flu season.

  • Homeopathic Flu Tablets – Tablets are taken for a 10 day period.
  • Monolaurin – A natural anti-viral, taken for a 30 day period
  • ProBoost – A natural immune system enhancer, taken for 10 days


  • Individual Flu Pack $65.00
  • Flu Pack for Two: $115.00
  • Family Flu Pak for Three: $170.00 – Additional Flu Pak’s available for $57.50

Flu Packs may be picked up at the clinic or shipped. A $7.50 shipping fee applies for all kits on one order.